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An island on the edge of the Arctic Ocean in Måsøy Municipality in Troms og Finnmark county, Norway. Ingøya is where the fictional Skylark Island will remain archived indefinitely.

Host venue

The Field Station


Co-producer & Caretaker

Oliver Dawe

Oliver (Olly) is the Founder and Director of The Field Station. He lives on Ingøya, and he and his Norwegian partner Harold bring the total number of full-time residents on the island up to 17, or 18 if you count their dog too.   Oliver (Olly) is a theatre director, writer and arts leader, passionate about the creation of new work and a vocal proponent for the autonomy of artists.   Originally from London, Olly trained as a director at Drama Centre London and as a freelance director he has worked in the UK, Germany, Greece, Vienna, Palestine, Romania, Norway and the U.S.A. These experiences have cemented his belief in the importance of international collaboration and the benefits of cross-cultural artistic exchange.


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Ingøya Articles

  Click here for a full Ingøya glossary of articles or look for the fish icon to find articles associated with this island. This will include non-fiction, like the people we've met and the groups who are involved with this project, and also fiction, like characters and details of Skylark Island created by Ingøya participants.

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