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The Isle of Wight

This project is based in the Bay area of the Isle of Wight but we're happy to connect anywhere on the island.

Host venue

Ventnor Exchange


Lisa Kerley
Lisa has gathered many oral histories on the Isle of Wight for other projects. Some of those wonderful photos and recordings can be found on these sites, and might be very useful to inspire character creation.
Memories of the Sea
Farming Memories


Bookmark this page for up-to-date information about when we are gathering on the Isle of Wight, and how to join us.    

Isle of Wight Articles

Click here for a full Isle of Wight glossary of articles or look for the crab icon to find articles associated with this island. This will include non-fiction, like the people we've met and the groups who are involved with this project, and also fiction, like characters and details of Skylark Island created by Isle of Wight participants.

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